Image of Brazilian Loose Wavy 3 Bundle Deal
  • Image of Brazilian Loose Wavy 3 Bundle Deal

Brazilian Loose Wavy 3 Bundle Deal

$180.00 / On Sale

Brazilian Hair is the most desired texture on the market! This hair is very luxurious and extremely soft and durable. Brazilian hair has a great density. It blends very well with African American textures. This hair has a low to medium luster and comes in a natural black or brown color. This hair requires moisture and is low to medium maintenance. The amount of maintenance increases with the length of the hair. This hair can be worn in its natural wavy/curly texture or straightened. To keep your waves looking beautiful you will need to activate your waves/curls with a combination of water/conditioner to detangle and moisturize.

This hair has minimum shedding.

This hair texture is recommended for those who have experience with the proper care and maintenance of wavy/curly hair. Proper care is vital in maintaining its beauty.